Just Serve Fast Relief

Organized by Just Serve

Donations accepted November 19, 2021–December 6, 2021

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JustServe is bringing awareness to food insecurity this holiday season by challenging our community!

Fast for 2 meals during the month of December and donate what those meals would have cost to a hunger relief organization.

Choose to support our neighbors in need, by giving to organizations such as

Warm Blessings

Helping Hand of Hope

Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland

Meals for Feeding America
$5 purchases 40 meals

Price: $5.00

Meals for Warm Blessings
$5 purchases 40 meals

Price: $5.00

Meals for Helping Hand of Hope
$5 purchases 40 meals

Price: $5.00

Gift of Any Amount
A gift of any amount is a tremendous help to those in need and goes toward easing the hunger and fears of many

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