24 Days of Giving

Organized by Feeding America Kentucky's Heartland

Our Goal

$467 of $2,500

Welcome to Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland 24 Days of Giving virtual food drive!  We invite you to share this food drive on your social media platforms; together, we can help our neighbors facing hunger create happy memories this holiday season by coming together to fight food insecurity.  Thank you!

Canned Corn
Donate 10 cans of corn.

Price: $7.76

Fruit Juice
Donate 10 32oz bottles of 100% fruit juice.

Price: $11.20

Canned Peas
Donate 10 cans of sweet peas.

Price: $8.10

Instant Oatmeal
Donate 10 boxes of instant oatmeal.

Price: $10.50

Dried Fruit
Donate 10 .6oz packages of dried fruit.

Price: $7.70

Cake Mix
Donate 10 9oz boxes of cake mix.

Price: $9.00

Canned Pears
Donate 10 15oz cans of pears.

Price: $10.30

Donate 10 12oz packages of coffee.

Price: $39.10

Mandarin Oranges
Donate 10 11oz cans of Mandarin oranges.

Price: $8.00

Biscuit Mix
Donate 10 6oz pouches of biscuit mix.

Price: $6.30

Donate 10 17.63oz bags of cereal.

Price: $16.10

Pancake Mix
Donate 10 14oz boxes of pancake mix..

Price: $11.10

Shelf-Stable Milk
Donate 10 32oz bottles of shelf-stable milk.

Price: $12.50

Muffin Mix
Donate 10 .97oz packages of muffin mix.

Price: $9.70

Dried Lentils
Donate 10 bags of dried lentils.

Price: $10.00

Canned Chicken
Donate 10 5oz cans of chicken.

Price: $11.70

Pasta & Sauce
Donate 10 1lb boxes of dry spaghetti and 10 15oz cans of sauce.

Price: $14.70

Peanut Butter
Donate 10 18oz jars of peanut butter.

Price: $16.80

Donate 10 19oz squeeze bottles of jelly.

Price: $10.60

Instant Potatoes
Donate 10 6oz packets of instant potatoes.

Price: $10.20

Donate 10 15oz cans of applesauce.

Price: $8.80

Donate 10 8oz boxes of saltine crackers.

Price: $9.70

Canned Vegetable Soup
Donate 10 cans of vegetable soup.

Price: $7.70

Donate One of Everything
Donate one of every item on the 24 Days of Giving Calendar.

Price: $26.74

Donation of Any Amount
Help provide meals and hope to families facing hunger this holiday season.

Enter Donation Amount: